Shared Home Ownership
Your Own Slice Of Africa...

With its pristine beaches, quaint shops and world class
restaurants, Africa is indisputably one of the most
popular vacation destinations in the world. If you’ve ever
dreamed of owning a home in this captivating and
beautiful continent, Africa Investment Guide offers a
unique opportunity for you to realize your dream.
Africa Investment offers a simple way to own
an overseas property for a fraction of the cost.
Shared Ownership allows a number of buyers
to collectively own a luxury property, which is
professionally managed and maintained.
A new home can be expensive, could sharing the cost of one with another investor,
friend or relative  be the answer to owning the home of your dreams?
Cape Verde - West Africa
Similar to owning a condo (shared ownership), only it's a shared house!

As a lifestyle investment, Shared Ownership makes sense. On average, a new homeowner has all the
expenses of buying and maintaining a new home alone, shared owners don’t have the financial burden of
maintaining the property alone; they simply split the maintenance fees with fellow owners.
Africa Investment Guide’s owners buy a 1/3rd interest in their residence of choice, which allows full  
residency each year. Africa Investment Guide’s owners are investing in ‘bricks and mortar’ – an
asset which can be passed on to family. Africa Investment  properties are owned by their
members, through a US based non-trading company. When members wish to sell, gift or transfer their
membership it is a straightforward process which can also be executed easily from overseas. It does not
involve the complexity or cost of transferring property under the US (American) legal and tax system.
Property Management & Annual
Service Charge

To ensure that Africa Investment Guide .
com’s properties are always luxuriously
maintained, an annual service charge is
payable by each member. This charge is
calculated on the total running costs of the
estate and is divided between members
equally. This is one of the great benefits of
shared ownership and reduces the liability
you have for the running costs of the
It also allows you to arrive at your new home, ready to start your stay or vacation; without the normal anxiety
you may feel if you owned the property outright and were wondering what your first job may be!
These annual dues cover various costs,

• Housekeeping (handover cleaning, linen
and towel changes)
• Essential foodstuffs
• Maintenance
• Company legal/accounting
• Building and contents insurance
• Capital reserves (sinking fund for replacements
and future decoration)
• Utilities
• Property taxes
• Management charge
All expenses are charged on an actual cost basis
and are available for review by members.

Any differences with expenditure will be either
charged or refunded after the accounts are finalized
each year. The annual service charge per share is
budgeted each year and equally divided
between the owners.

Professional management is provided by
Africa Investment
Key Benefits of Africa Investment Shared Ownership:
Increase your buying power.

Ownership gives you full access to the
property common areas and grounds.

A low one off purchase cost – through a US
based company that is simple and straight

All annual running costs shared between
owners which are fully transparent and
cost based. A well established management
group that maintain property records.

Professional on-going local management

Easy transfer or sale of ownership of the
property at any time.
   Mahe, Seychelles - East Africa

We have all types of properties to choose from. Beachfront
villas to single family homes up in the mountains.
Frequently Asked Questions
1. Is the property offered a deeded property?

Yes, the property deeds are owned by a US
based company. Members own the company,
the company owns the property.

2. When can I move in?

As soon as we close on your property you can move
in or use it as a vacation rental. You are now the
co-owner of an investment property or new home.

3. How much does it cost?

The price for a share depends on how expensive of
a shared home you want. Our homes range from
$50,000 - $1 million. We have a promotion going on
right now for just $5,000 down and financing a
*share for clients who want to try our service, this
price will increase soon.
*Our lowest priced property ownership is $5,000 down and financing for people on a budget or who want to
sample our service before buying a luxury property.  
Contact Us  with your questions or to get started today.
4. Exactly what does ownership include?

A 1/3   share (ownership) of Africa Investment Guide.
com’s properties includes a right over the use of the
specific property.

5. If I decide to purchase a share in a
property, can I change my mind: if so, by when?

Yes, of course. There is a 30 day ‘cooling off’
period after we have received your completed
application form, just in case you should
change your mind.

Can I visit the property before buying a share?

Yes, we would strongly recommend an   Investment
Tour  as soon as possible. For those who are
truly interested in knowing more, we are offering
a wonderful opportunity to visit Africa.
Rwanda - Land of a Thousand Hills
Kigali, Rwanda - East Africa
Mombasa, Kenya - East Africa
Victoria Island, Nigeria  
West Africa
A New Home without a Second Thought!
Note: If you do not want to share the cost and ownership
of a new home with another person you can purchase one
alone. 3 bed / 2 bath starting from $60,000. Contact Us.
Benefits of Shared Ownership
This Is NOT a Timeshare, you own the house and can live or rent out the house year round.
Africa Investment Guide
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