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“Homestead Kenya”
Investment Opportunity
"Only when you look at yourself as a NATION can
you change things…”  Dr. Amos Wilson
The words of Dr. Amos Wilson ring as true today as they did when he uttered them over 20 years

For decades our people have analyzed and deliberated our trials and tribulations. We have
fought, protested, even died, in the struggle for what we truly believed was our only solution:

“Confront the white man and demand that he treats us as equals”.

Throughout our history we have displayed boundless energy, incredible strength, and
unparalleled resilience. Despite our best efforts, nothing we have attempted has yielded exclusive
results for our African people... UNTIL NOW!

“Our Africa Plan”
is our commitment to the AFRICAN DIASPORA! This is accomplished by
providing an accessible platform to invest in our motherland by means of land acquisition.

OAP along with the real estate expertise of the  Africa Investment Guide  have combined
forces to provide a service that is:

● Low Risk
● Small Investment
● High Yield

This is an incredibly rare opportunity for the African diaspora. We are absolutely convinced that
this is the most simplified comprehensive pathway to African land acquisition in existence

Become one of the
50 investors taking your rightful place on the motherland. Each Investor will
$25.00 + $5.00 (PayPal processing & service fees) for a period of 24 months. At the
conclusion of the 24-month period, we will move into Phase II, surveying and securing land in
Kenya that presents the best value for our total collective pool. Claim what is yours!
Investing in “Our Africa Plan” is a seamless, transparent, process as outlined and explained in our
Investor Protocol Guide that will also serve as a working and living agreement.

“How do I move from thinking to action?”

The first step is to contact us, at for a brief screening interview.

The rest is
your steady journey to leaving a legacy to be proud of.
Join the Family Reunion!
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