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My Story
Welcome to Africa Investment Guide

My name is Ty Nichols and on this page I am going to tell you how I got into this business
totally by accident. It all started about 10 years ago when I visited Africa for the first time. I
visited two countries Ghana and Togo, West Africa.
I instantly fell in love with Africa from the moment I arrived. The
weather was nice (after I got used to the heat), the people
were very friendly and in my spirit I felt at peace and like I was
at home.

I thought this would be a great place to retire or at the very
least a great place to spend time away from the states. So, I
purchased a small piece of real estate within walking distance
to the beach for $500 to use for a place to build a home at
some point in the future.

Location, Location, Location

I purchase my land just outside of Lome, the largest city in
Togo in the middle of nowhere. There was nothing there but
sand and palm trees with the beach about a 10 minute walk
away. Two years later, a hotel was built right beside my
property, then next houses started being built every where.
What once was a piece of land just outside the city is now a
piece of land inside the city. The cities all over Africa are
growing faster than anywhere else on Earth.
Mombasa, Kenya
How I Turned $500 into $50,000

I just bought a piece of land and held on to it and now it is worth $50,000. Also keep in mind in many
African countries you do not have to pay yearly property taxes, so once you buy it, it's yours! At the
time I purchased my land I was only thinking about retiring but when I saw how fast it was
appreciating I thought to myself what if I had paid $5,000-$10,000 or more for a larger property
instead of $500, I would have already been retired.

Now This Is A Business

This is now a business for me, I search the web and ask my contacts for great deals on properties
then my clients and I invest in them. Sometimes we buy and hold and sometimes we buy and sell.

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Feb. 21, 2020
This condo was next door to the resort where I stayed in Mombasa, Kenya East Africa.

I think I stayed at the wrong place!

The resort where I stayed was beautiful, but this place was private, because most of the
owners live in Nairobi, (the largest city in Kenya) or outside of the country. - Ty Nichols
Nairobi, Kenya East Africa
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Welcome to Africa, where adventure lies
around every corner. From the heights of
Kilimanjaro to the winding streets of
Zanzibar; the mesmerising sand dunes  of
Namibia to the beaches of Seychelles,  this
vast continent has a dramatic variety of
landscapes and a fascinating mix of cultures
just waiting to be explored.
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Ty Nichols
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Ty Nichols
Owner / Consultant
Florida State Licensed Realtor
November 2019
Africa is home to the most diverse people on earth with over 3,000 tribes and 2,000 different languages.