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Dear Future Africa Investment Guide Investor,

If you’re here, chances are you’re looking for a strategy that will help you “go where you’re
treated best”, keep more of your own money, and live a life of total freedom.
My team and I have helped many people invest
overseas, legally reduce their taxes, become dual
citizens, bank and invest offshore, and create a life of
financial and personal freedom.
Our real estate investment group offers investors the opportunity to invest in real estate or
small rental properties through a hands-off approach. This means that investors do not
have to worry about any of the effort required to maintain and/or rent out these properties.

We take care of tasks such as: buying and renovating the properties, finding tenants to
rent the units and any maintenance or repairs required in the upkeep of the property.
How does real estate investing work to build wealth?
Wealth is created through longer term real estate
investing strategies, which involves buying and holding
Invest with as little as $100
How do you make money from this investment option?
As a member of our real estate
investment group, you can expect
to earn money in two ways:
Option 1

If it is a small rental property you
earn money through monthly rental
income: This cash flow is generated
from the tenants who occupy the
properties owned by the real estate
investment group's investors. Of
course, any vacancies will lower this
number so we will do our best to
keep the properties occupied.
Option 2   

If it is a small piece of land you will earn money through
appreciation or buying and selling, which will be taken care of
for you through Africa Investment Guide agents.
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How do we make money from this?
Like you, we get paid a percentage of the value of the property or the income from the
property, except you get paid first! After all investors are paid then we are paid.
Join other Africa Investment Guide members and invest smarter.
Need help getting started?
Our investment team would love to assist you.
My Africa Plan - Beginner Investment Group Starting From $100 a
month. Own a piece of Africa today and Start building wealth!
If you invest $2,500 with us today, at 12% interest
in one year that would be $2,800. Each year the
interest continue to increase*.  Most US banks
only pay 1% or less in interest.
If you invest $5,000 with us today, at 12% interest
in one year that would be $5,600. The larger the
investment the more you earn. Each year the
interest continue to increase*.
  • *Interest rates go up and down. Our average rate is 8-12% and 10% is considered good for investments.
  • You may also add extra payments after your initial $100 for greater returns. (ROI)
  • There is a minimum 2 year hold on investments. Early withdrawal will result in fees.
Quarterly Statements
You will receive a statement from us every three
months detailing your investments.
Important Disclosures
Performance Not Guaranteed: Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Any historical returns,
expected returns or probability projections are not guaranteed and may not reflect actual future performance.

Risk of Loss:  All investments involve a degree of risk and may result in partial or total loss of your investment.

Liquidity Not Guaranteed: Investments offered by Africa Investment Guide are illiquid and there is never any
guarantee that you will be able to exit your investments on the Secondary Market or at what price an exit (if any)
will be achieved.

Investments such as the ones listed or described on the Website involve substantial risk, accordingly, investors
should conduct their own due diligence and not rely on the financial assumptions or estimates that are
displayed on the Website.
Complete Details
Real Estate Investing

Best Investment
Kigali, Rwanda
East Africa
We’re on a mission to build the best real estate
investing experience for you!
There is no maximum amount to invest. The more you invest the higher your
return (ROI). We have a 90 day money back guarantee
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